Cab-over: Cab sits over the engine of the truck

CDL (Commercial Driver's License): Gives the holder rights to drive a heavy commercial vehicle.

Check Call: Calling or checking in via Qualcomm once a day to notify dispatch on progress

Container: A shipping container used to transport freight that utilizes different modes of transportation, ship, rail, etc.

Conventional: Cab sits behind the engine, instead of over it.

DAC: A service that most companies use to help them select drivers to hire. It includes information from trucking companies that the applicant has worked for in the past.

Day Cab: A truck that has no sleeper. Usually this type of truck is used for local work.

Deadhead: Driving without any cargo.

Detention Pay: Extra pay received for time spent waiting at a customers facility.

Drop and Hook: Driver takes a loaded trailer to a shipper/receiver, leaves the trailer there and then hooks up another loaded trailer and takes it to its destination.

Drop Pay: Extra pay the driver receives for delivering freight at a stop.

Dry Freight: Non-refrigerated.

Freight: Your cargo

Freight Lane: The highway that most of a companies freight flows back and forth. A company may have several freight lanes.

Hazmat: Hazardous Material. The United States require that a commercial vehicle operator have a Hazmat endorsement to transport hazardous materials.

Layover: Time away from home and off duty.

Log Book: Book truckers use to record their driving activities, hours, etc.

Low Boy: A flatbed trailer that has a center very low to the ground.

No Touch: The driver does not need to load, unload or touch the freight in any way.

Pay Load: Weight of your cargo.

Qualcomm: A tracking device that can monitor a drivers speed, miles, idling, etc.

Reefer: A refrigerated trailer.

Slip-Seat: A driver has a slip-seat when he does not have a regular truck, but moves from truck to truck as they become available.

Spotter: See Yard Jockey

Yard Jockey: Person who moves trailers around with a yard tractor

Yard Tractor: Tractor used to move trailers around the shipping yard, warehouse, etc.




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